kcc5.ulb TrapShape Class Examples

The following links are to samples images for the TrapShape classes found in kcc5.ulb.

Trap Shape ClassExample
Ampersand TrapExample
Angle Function 1 TrapExample
Angle Function 2 TrapExample
ArcTangent TrapExample
Atan TrapExample
Balls TrapExample
Bean Curve TrapExample
Bicorn Curve TrapExample
Bicuspid Curve TrapExample
Bifoliate TrapExample
Bifolium TrapExample
Blobs TrapExample
Bow TrapExample
Bubbles TrapExample
Butterfly Curve TrapExample
Cassini Ovals TrapExample
Circles TrapExample
Cissoid of Diocles TrapExample
Cochleoid TrapExample
Cocked Hat TrapExample
Conchoid of Nicomedes TrapExample
Cones TrapExample
Cruciform TrapExample
Curls TrapExample
Devil's Curve TrapExample
Diamond TrapExample
Dimpled Spheroids TrapExample
Dumbbell Curve TrapExample
Dürer's Conchoid TrapExample
Eight Curve TrapExample
Flexballs TrapExample
Happy Accident TrapExample
Harlequin TrapExample
Hyperbola TrapExample
Kappa Curve TrapExample
Keppler's Folium TrapExample
Keratoid Cusp TrapExample
Knot Curve TrapExample
Lemniscate Corrected TrapExample
Lemniscate TrapExample
Limacon TrapExample
Line TrapExample
Links Curve TrapExample
Maltese Cross TrapExample
Parabola TrapExample
Pear-Shaped TrapExample
Petals TrapExample
Piriform TrapExample
Quadrifolium TrapExample
Ring Segments TrapExample
Rings TrapExample
Rose Curve TrapExample
Serpentine Curve TrapExample
Sinus Cosinus TrapExample
sinX TrapExample
Spheres TrapExample
Spheroids TrapExample
Spiral TrapExample
Square TrapExample
Squares TrapExample
Stalks TrapExample
Star of David TrapExample
Stirrup Curve TrapExample
Strange Shape TrapExample
Swastika Curve TrapExample
Tangent Balls TrapExample
Tangent TrapExample
Trefoil TrapExample
Trident of Descartes TrapExample
Trident TrapExample
Trifolium TrapExample
Trisectrix of Maclaurin TrapExample
Twisted Cross TrapExample
Two Ellipses TrapExample
Witch of Agnesi TrapExample