Ultra Fractal 5

This formula database is a tool for helping Ultra Fractal users keep up with the frequent releases of new formulas. As each formula author completes a set of changes, they are posted to the database, which then assembles easily-downloadable collections of all files changed within the past week and month. Users can then check as frequently as they like, while not having to repeatedly download material they already have.

As much as possible, the database is set up to maintain itself. New formula authors may sign up for the database and immediately begin uploading files. The database is supervised: if you have problems, please contact Frederik Slijkerman using the link at the bottom of this page. Please do check to make sure that your questions aren’t already covered in the online help first.

The formula database software was created by Damien Jones for the Ultra Fractal community.

All rights reserved. Copyright © 1997-2015 Frederik Slijkerman
Formula files: Copyright © 1997-2015 their respective authors.
Formula Database: code Copyright © 1999-2009 Damien M. Jones.