Ultra Fractal 5

Welcome to the Ultra Fractal Formula Database. To the extent that formula writers keep their files current, this collection should contain the most complete and up-to-date formula files available.

Using the Database

If you’re just interested in obtaining the latest versions of Ultra Fractal formulas, click any of the three download links on the main page. The formulas are sorted into download packs based on how recently they were modified. The first pack contains all the formulas updated within the past seven days. The second pack contains all the formulas updated within the past month (and thus contains everything that’s in the first pack, too). The third pack contains all formulas, regardless of how recently they were updated.

In this way, you can visit the formula database as frequently as is convenient for you. If you visit once a week, you can download the weekly update file; if you visit once a month, you can download the monthly update file. If you visit less frequently than that, you can simply download the full collection whenever you need to.

After downloading one of the formula packs, you need to unzip it to your Ultra Fractal Formulas\Public directory. It’s OK to overwrite the formula files already there, because the formula files in the database should be the most current ones. Once you’ve unzipped the formula files, you’re ready to go! You can use the formulas with Ultra Fractal immediately. (Ultra Fractal can do this automatically for you: click Update Public Formulas from the Options menu.)

If you just want to look at the formulas in the database without actually downloading a formula pack, click the Browse collection link. This will show you a list of all the files in the database, listed by author’s last name. If a particular author has a home page for their formulas, that will be present as a link. You can click on any of the filenames to open the formula file in a new window.

If you just want a quick overview of which files and formulas have changed, click the Recent changes link. Each file is listed by the date on which it was modified, and is followed by a list of the formulas that were part of that change. You can click the link on the filename to view the changed file.

Publishing Formulas

If you are a formula author, the database is the official tool for sharing your formulas with other Ultra Fractal users. Before you can upload files to the database, you must sign up. This step registers you with the system and gives you a password, so that other people can’t overwrite your files.

When signing up, you will need to provide your e-mail address, name, and a “three-letter code.” You may have noticed while browsing through formula files that they are named using the initials of the formula author; dmj.uxf, for example, belongs to Damien M. Jones. When you publish formulas in the database, your formulas will be named similarly, and you will need to choose a three-letter code for your own formulas. You won’t be able to use the same code as anyone else.

Once you’ve signed up, your password will be sent to you by e-mail. You will need that password every time you log in, and you’re not going to be able to remember it, so be sure you save the message containing your password!

To log in to the database and upload files, go to the login page. Enter your e-mail address and the password that was sent to you and click Login. You will see a page with lots of buttons, divided into two sections.

The top section is for uploading files. From the drop-down, choose which file you are uploading. Then, click the Browse… button and locate the file on your own computer. When you click OK you will see the filename appear in the Replace with box. When you’re ready, click the Upload Formula button. If you are using a slow modem connection, it may take some time to transfer the file. When the upload is complete, you will be shown a list of the changes that were noticed, and returned to the upload form so you can upload another file.

The bottom section of the page is for updating your personal information with the database. You may change your name, e-mail address, and add URLs for your formula home page, formula help file, or personal home page. If you don’ have have URLs for home page or help file, leave them blank. After making changes, be sure to click the Update Personal Info button to save them.

When you’re completely finished uploading files, please remember to use the Log Out link at the bottom of the page. This helps keep the database running smoothly.

If You Forget Your Password

Go to the login page, enter your e-mail address, and click Send My Password. Your password will be e-mailed to you. Remember to save the message with your password!

When Things Go Wrong

Well we really hope they won’t go wrong, but it is best to be prepared! If you have administration problems with the database (you need help getting access to your files), or if you encounter a bug with the formula database itself, please use the contact link at the bottom of this page.

All rights reserved. Copyright © 1997-2015 Frederik Slijkerman
Formula files: Copyright © 1997-2015 their respective authors.
Formula Database: code Copyright © 1999-2009 Damien M. Jones.