Ultra Fractal 5

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Ultra Fractal community. Before you can upload files to the database, you must register with the database. All the information you provide (except your e-mail address) will be available for others to view from the database listings.

These fields are required:

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You will use this to log in to the formula database. This is also where your password will be mailed to, so it must be a valid e-mail address.
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This is the code used to identify your formula files. We suggest you use your initials, if possible (that is the convention). If your initials are already in use by another person, please use a different combination.
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These are used in the database listing, as the heading for your group of formulas.
These fields are optional:
Formula home page: 
If you have a web page specifically for your formula collection, fill in the URL here. A link to the page will appear in the database listing.
Formula help file:
If you have a downloadable file which contains documentation for your formula collection, fill in the direct URL for the file here. The database listing will then provide a download link for users.
Your home page:
If you have a home page (especially a gallery) then you can fill in the URL for it here. The database listing will include a link to that page.
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