ULB File common

Common Classes for Ultra Fractal 5


Class Summary
Array Generic dynamic array object wrapper.
ArrayArray Generic Array dynamic array object wrapper.
BooleanArray Generic Boolean dynamic array object wrapper.
ClipShape This is a generic clip shape class.
ClipShapeMerge This is a clip shape merge class.
color Dummy class to allow the UF code to compile in Java for the purposes of this documentation.
ColorArray Generic Color dynamic array object wrapper.
Coloring Coloring base class.
ColorMerge This is a generic color blending class.
ColorTransfer This is a generic color transfer class.
ColorTrap This is a generic color trap formula.
ColorTrapFormulaDirectColoring Use any fractal formula and direct coloring as a color trap.
ColorTrapImage Use an imported image as a trap shape (with color).
ColorTrapWrapper This wrapper allows you to use any regular trap shape and trap color mode as a color trap shape.
complex Dummy class to allow the UF code to compile in Java for the purposes of this documentation.
ComplexArray Generic Complex dynamic array object wrapper.
ConvergentDivergentFormula Convergent/Divergent Formula base class.
ConvergentFormula Convergent Formula base class.
DefaultColorMerge This color blend class provides easy access to the built-in merging functions.
DefaultGradient This is a default gradient.
DefaultGradientTransfer Provides the same gradient transfer options as Ultra Fractal's built-in gradient options.
DirectColoring Direct Coloring base class.
DivergentFormula Divergent Formula base class.
FloatArray Generic Float dynamic array object wrapper.
Formula Formula base class.
Generator Generator base class.
Generic Generic base class.
GenericArray Generic object dynamic array object wrapper.
GradientColoring Gradient-based Coloring base class.
GradientWrapper GradientWrapper base class.
Handles Handles utility transform class.
Image Dummy class to allow the UF code to compile in Java for the purposes of this documentation.
ImageImport This is the base image import class.
ImageWrapper ImageWrapper base class.
IntegerArray Generic Integer dynamic array object wrapper.
IntegerGenerator Integer Generator base class.
IntegerTransfer This is a generic integer transfer class.
Location This transform works like the Location tab.
MappingShape MappingShape base class.
Math Mathematical tools library.
NullClipShape This is a null clip shape.
NullColorTransfer This is a null color transfer.
NullTransfer This is a null transfer.
NullTransform This is a null transform.
PixelCoordinate This is a utility transform which returns a pixel coordinate for a given complex number.
Transfer This is a generic transfer class.
Transform Transform base class.
TransformMerge This is a wrappoer transform which allows you to use multiple transforms (up to 10) wherever a single transform is allowed.
TrapColoring This is a generic trap coloring mode formula.
TrapMode This is a generic trap mode formula.
TrapModeFirst This trap mode uses the first trapped point that is within the threshold.
TrapModeWithThreshold Variant of TrapMode that is thresholdable
TrapShape Trap Shape base class.
TrapShapeBlock This is a generic trap "block".
TrapShapeFormulaGradientColoring Use any fractal formula and gradient coloring as a trap shape.
TrapShapeMerge This is a wrappoer transform which allows you to use multiple trap shapes (up to 10) wherever a single trap shape is allowed.
TrapShapeNoise Simple noise trap shape.
TrapShapePoint Simple point trap shape.
TrapTransfer This is a basic transfer function useful for trap distances.
TrapTransform Basic move/rotate/size/stretch/skew trap shape transform.
UserTransform User-selectable Transform base class.
UtilityTransform Utility Transform base class.
Vector Vector class.
VectorArray Generic Vector dynamic array object wrapper.

ULB File common Description

Common Classes for Ultra Fractal 5

common.ulb 1.0
by Damien M. Jones, Frederik Slijkerman, Jim Blue, David Makin, Ron Barnett and others
June 22, 2008

This is a set of common classes that handle routine tasks within fractal formulas. They are designed to provide a common way to build these kinds of objects, to encourage authors to create inter-operable objects.

Although this file comes with Ultra Fractal 5, it is an active project that is updated from time to time. You may retrieve an updated library file (along with any other formulas published in the public database) by choosing Options > Update Public Formulas from inside Ultra Fractal, or by visiting the formula database and downloading the formula collection:


That site will also provide an online version of the library documentation, which may be easier to read than these comments.

Editing note: tabs are set to 4 for this code.